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    The Loire Valley House of Human Sciences (Loire Valley MSH, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Val de Loire) is a federative structure of humanities and social sciences (HSS) research teams which currently consists of 22 laboratories in Tours and Orléans. It is under the administrative supervision of the CNRS, the Université de Tours and the University of Orléans and is a CNRS service and research unit (USR 3501).


    The Loire Valley MSH is part of the National Network of Houses of Human Sciences Scientific Interest Group (GIS). Since 2005 the USR has been housed in dedicated premises on the Tours-2 Lions site. Additional premises were allocated in 2012 on the Watt site to house the Archaeology and Territories Laboratory (LAT) of the CITERES joint research unit.

    • To develop partnerships between the two universities of Tours and Orléans and within the Network of Houses of Human Sciences
    • To provide support for young researchers and emerging projects
    • To pool services and resources within the Atelier Numérique (Digital Workshop)
    • To set up interdisciplinary and international exchanges in its fields of research
    Research fields
    Services provided to researchers
    • Support for research projects (digital services)
    • Communication, promotion and transfer
    • Europe and International
    • Young and guest researchers
    • Support for emerging research themes




    The 22 teams which are members of the MSH

    The MSH member teams are spread over several sites at the Université de Tours and the University of Orléans:
    7 teams associated with the CNRS (UMR, FRE et UPR)
    15 university teams (EA)
    More than 1200 researchers, academics, technicians, engineers and doctoral students.

    Situated in Tours

    CERCA (UMR 7295) – Research Centre on Cognition and Learning
    CESR (UMR 7323) – Centre d’Études Supérieures de la Renaissance (Advanced Renaissance Studies Centre)
    CeTHiS (EA 6298) – Centre Tourangeau d’Histoire et d’étude des Sources (Tours Sources History and Study Centre)
    CITERES (UMR 7324) – Centre for Cities, Territories, Environment and Societies
    DYNADIV (EA 4428) – Dynamiques et enjeux de la diversité linguistique et culturelle (Dynamics and issues of linguistic and cultural diversity)
    EES (EA 7505) – Education Ethics Health
    ICD (EA 6297) – Cultural and Discursive Interactions
    INTRU (EA 6301) – Interactions, transfers, artistic and cultural breaks
    IRJI (EA 7496) – Multidisciplinary Law Research Institute
    PAVeA (EA 2114) – Psychology of the Ages of Life and Adaptation
    PRIM (EA 7503) – Pratiques et Ressources de l’Information et des Médiations (Information and Mediation Practices and Resources)
    QUALIPSY (EE 1901) – Quality of Life and Mental Health

    Situated in Orléans

    CEDETE (EA 1210) – Study Centre for Territorial Development and the Environment
    CRJP (EA 1212) – Pothier Legal Research Centre
    ÉRCAÉ (EA 7493) – Contexts and Actors of Education Research Team
    IRHT (UPR841) – Institut de recherche et d’histoire des textes (Institute for texts research and history)
    IRAMAT (UMR 5060) – Institut de Recherche sur les ArchéoMATériaux (Archeomaterials Research Institute)
    LEO (FRE CNRS 2014) – Orléans Economics Laboratory
    POLEN (EA 4710) – POuvoirs, LEttres, Normes (Power, Literature, Norms)
    REMELICE (EA 4709) – Gathering and Mediating Foreign and Compared Literature and Cultures

    Situated in both Tours and Orléans

    LLL (UMR 7270) – Loire Linguistics Laboratory
    VALLOREM (EA 6296) – VAL de LOire Recherche En Management (Loire Valley Research on Management)

    Other laboratories are likely to join the MSH during the contract.