[Conférence] The Economics of Spectacle. Funding the Ephemeral Arts in Early Modern Europe

Date : Du 08/06/2023 au 10/06/2023
Lieu : Centre d'Etudes Supérieures de la Renaissance, Tours

Intervenants : Francesca Fantappiè, Chercheur invité LE STUDIUM et Philippe Canguilhem (CESR)

The Europe of Renaissance and early modern era saw the emergence of an increasingly organized system of production and consumption in the performing arts, whether for the celebration of civic and court festivals, or in the contexts of academies and confraternities, finally with the advent of impresarios and professional theatre companies of actors.

While more and more specialized professions appeared, their economic impact, to a large extent, remains to be studied. Indeed, although the festival culture of Renaissance Europe has been explored from many angles, there is still a lack of studies on economic issues, which are generally left in the background.

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