Ludwig Senfl (c.1490–1543): A Catalogue Raisonné of the Works and Sources

  • Auteurs : Stefan Gasch, Sonja Tröster, Birgit Lodes (Ed.)
  • Éditeur : Brepols
  • Laboratoire : CESR
  • Date de publication : Janvier 2020

The first encompassing catalogue of compositions by the Renaissance composer Ludwig Senfl.

Until now, scholars have had an inadequate picture of the scope and transmission of the œuvre of Ludwig Senfl (c.1490–1543), one of the most important Renaissance composers of the German-speaking lands.
The current publication presents an extraordinary and exceptionally comprehensive catalogue raisonné for this Renaissance composer.

The Senfl Catalogue serves as an encyclopaedic research tool for further scholarly investigation: it not only presents a lively and coherent picture of Senfl’s œuvre, but also helps to explore the broader musical culture of his time. At the same time, the in-depth presentation and analysis of Senfl’s music provides Early Music performers with new information on repertory that adds to the soundscape of the Renaissance.